About Us

We are a team in profession and we are also Life Partners, into photography and we work in all genres of Photography… from Nature & Landscapes to Wildlife, Shooting Marriages, Portfolios, Table Tops, Advertisement Shoots etc.

I am the kind of photographer who goes to the Taj Mahal and comes back with few shots of the Taj but many more shots of the visitors there.

Photos to me are a slice of life, a tiny fraction of a second that existed at a certain place and time, and which forever are both, a memory and a story, a small piece of history in the lives of the people who were there.

That’s the kind of photography that appeals to me. I can find it walking down some strange street in a foreign land, in small towns and big cities, or any event that brings people together.

My first experience with the camera was when my father got a T 50, SLR for his work from his first trip to Bombay, now known as Mumbai, and later I got to use it to cover the Annual Function of my School at Mussoorie. My love for photography and travel kept on growing with the passage of time, after all the treks and excursions with school groups. And love for nature is from previous births, that is the reason I have been witness to the GOD’s creation and have seen and enjoyed it to the fullest.

We are life partners team, Deepak & Ayeshaa, based out of Delhi who are immensely passionate about uniquely capturing every special moment of life that should be cherished for years to come. Besides photography we love to travel to places and explore lanes that are absolutely untouched by tourists. As those are the places we get to see nature at its raw.

Someone said – “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality!”

Thanks to my partner Ayeshaa – we together are living our dream.